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    Raebel MA, Schroeder EB, Goodrich G, Paolino AR, Donahoo WT, Fuller C, Bell C, Nichols GA, Schmittdiel J, Newton KM, Pawloski P, Shoaibi A. Mini-Sentinel Statistical Methods Development: Validating Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Mini-Sentinel Distributed Database using the Surveillance PREvention, and ManagEment of Diabetes Mellitus (SUPREME-DM) DataLink. 2016. Available at:

    Pathak RD, Schroeder EB, Seaquist ER, Zeng C, Lafata JE, Thomas A, Desai J, Waitzfelder B, Nichols GA, Lawrence JM, Karter AJ, Steiner JF, Segal J, O'Connor PJ, SUPREME-DM Study Group. Severe Hypoglycemia Requiring Medical Intervention in a Large Cohort of Adults with Diabetes Receiving care in U.S. Integrated Health Care Delivery Systems: 2005-2011. Diabetes Care 2016: Mar, 39(3): 363-370. PMID:26681726.

    Steiner JF. Measuring Adherence with Medications: Time is of the Essence. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety 2016: Mar, 25(3): 333-335. PMID:26751032.

    Lafata JE, Karter AJ, O'Connor PJ, Morris H, Schmittdiel JA, Ratliff S, Newton KM, Raebel MA, Pathak RD, Thomas A, Butler MG, Reynolds K, Waitzfelder B, Steiner JF. Medication Adherence Does Not Explain Black-White Differences in Cardiometabolic Risk Factor Control among Insured Patients with Diabetes. Journal of General Internal Medicine 2016: Feb, 31(2): 188-195. PMID:26282954.

    Desai JR, Vazquez-Benitez G, Xu Z, Schroeder EB, Karter AJ, Steiner JF, Nichols GA, Reynolds K, Xu S, Newton KM, Pathak RD, Waitzfelder B, Elston Lafata J, Butler MG, Kirchner HL, Thomas A, O'Connor PJ. Who Must We Target Now to Minimize Future Cardiovascular Events and Total Mortality? Lessons from the SUPREME-DM Cohort Study. Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes 2015: Sep, 8(5): 508-516. PMID:26307132.

    Schroeder EB, Powers JD, O'Connor PJ, Nichols GA, Desai JR, Karter AJ, Morales LS, Newton KM, Pathak RD, Vasquez-Benitez G, Raebel MA, Butler MG, Lafata JE, Reynolds K, Thomas A, Waitzfelder BE, Steiner JF; SUPREME-DM Study Group. Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease Among Individuals with Diabetes in the SUPREME-DM Project, 2005-2011. Journal of Diabetes and its Complications 2015: July, 29(5): 637-643. PMID: 25936953.

    Schmittdiel JA, Desai J, Schroeder EB, Paolino AR, Nichols GA, Lawrence JM, O'Connor PJ, Ohnsorg KA, Newton KM, Steiner JF. Methods for Engaging Stakeholders in Comparative Effectiveness Research: A Patient-Centered Approach to Improving Diabetes Care. Healthcare (Amsterdam) 2015: June, 3(2): 80-88. PMID:26179728.

    Schroeder EB, Desai J, Schmittdiel JA, Paolino AR, Schneider JL, Goodrich GK, Lawrence JM, Newton KM, Nichols GA, O'Connor PJ, Fitz-Randolph M, Steiner JF. An Innovative Approach to Informing Research: Gathering Perspectives on Diabetes Care Challenges from an Online Patient Community. Interactive Journal of Medical Research 2015, 4(2): e13. doi: 10.2196/ijmr.3856.

    Vasquez-Benitez G, Desai JR, Xu S, Goodrich GK, Schroeder EB, Nichols GA, Segal J, Butler MG, Karter AJ, Steiner JF, Newton KM, Morales LS, Pathak AD, Thomas A, Reynolds K, Kirchner HL, Waitzfelder B, Elston Lafata J, Adibhatla R, Xu Z, O'Connor PJ. Preventable Major Cardiovascular Events Associated with Uncontrolled Glucose, Blood Pressure, and Lipids and Active Smoking in Adults with Diabetes with and without Cardiovascular Disease: A Contemporary Analysis. Diabetes Care 2015: May, 38(5): 905-912. PMID: 25710922.

    Nichols GA, Schroeder EB, Karter AJ, Gregg EW, Desai J, Lawrence JM, O'Connor PJ, Xu S, Newton KM, Raebel MA, Pathak RD, Waitzfelder B, Segal J, Lafata JE, Butler MG, Kirchner HL, Thomas A, Steiner JF. Trends in Diabetes Incidence Among 7 Million Insured Adults, 2006-2011: The SUPREME-DM Project. American Journal of Epidemiology 2015: Jan 1,181(1):32-39. PMID: 25515167.

    Schmittidel JA, Raebel MA, Dyer W, Steiner J, Goodrich G, Karter A, Nichols G. Medicare Star excludes diabetes patients with poor CVD risk factor control. American Journal of Managed Care 2014: Dec, 20(12): e581-589. PMID: 25665192.

    O'Connor PJ, Schmittdiel JA, Pathak RD, Harris RI, Newton KM, Ohnsorg KA, Heisler M, Sterrett AT, Xu S, Dyer WT, Raebel MA, Thomas A, Schroeder EB, Desai JR, Steiner JF. Randomized trial of telephone outreach to improve medication adherence and metabolic control in adults with diabetes. Diabetes Care 2014: Dec, 37(12): 3317-3324. PMID: 25315207.

    Schmittdiel JA, Steiner JF, Adams AS, Dyer W, Beals J, Henderson WG, Desai J, Morales LS, Nichols GA, Lawrence JM, Waitzfelder B, Butler MG, Pathak RD, Hamman RF, Manson SM. Diabetes care and outcomes for American Indians and Alaska natives in commercial integrated delivery systems: a SUrveillance, PREvention, and ManagEment for Diabetes Mellitus (SUPREME-DM) study. BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care 2014: Nov 17, 2(1):e000043. PMID: 25452877.

    Schroeder EB, Goodrich GK, Newton KM, Schmittdiel JA, Raebel MA. Implications of different laboratory-based incident diabetic kidney disease definitions on comparative effectiveness studies. Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research 2014; 3(4), 359–369. PMID: 25275233.

    Xu S, Schroeder EB, Shetterly S, Goodrich GK, O'Connor PJ, Steiner JF, Schmittdiel JA, Desai J, Pathak RD, Neugebauer R, Butler MG, Kirchner L, Raebel MA. Accuracy of hemoglobin A1c imputation using fasting plasma glucose in diabetes research using electronic health records data. Statistics, Optimization, and Information Computing 2014; (2): 93-104.

    Schmittdiel JA, Raebel MA, Dyer W, Xu S, Goodrich GK, Schroeder EB, Segal JB, O’Connor PJ, Nichols GA, Lawrence JM, Kirchner HL, Karter AJ, Lafata JE, Butler MG, Steiner JF. Prescription medication burden in patients with newly diagnosed diabetes: A SUrveillance, PREvention, and ManagEment of Diabetes Mellitus (SUPREME-DM) study. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association (2003) 2014; e251-e259. PMID: 24860866.

    Hazlehurst BL, Lawrence JM, Donahoo WT, Sherwood NE, Kurtz SE, Xu S, Steiner JF. Automating assessment of lifestyle counseling in electronic health records. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2014; 46(5):457-464. PMID: 24745635.

    Raebel MA, Ellis JL, Schroeder EB, Xu S, O'Connor PJ, Segal JB, Butler MG, Schmittdiel JA, Kirchner HL, Goodrich noGK, Lawrence JM, Nichols GA, Newton KM, Pathak RD, Steiner JF. Intensification of antihyperglycemic therapy among patients with incident diabetes: a Surveillance Prevention and Management of Diabetes Mellitus (SUPREME-DM) study. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety 2014; 23(7): 669-710. PMID: 24639086.

    Raebel MA, Xu S, Goodrich GK, Schroeder EB, Schmittdiel JA, Segal JB, O'Connor PJ, Nichols GA, Lawrence JM, Kirchner HL, Elston Lafata J, Butler M, Newton KM, Steiner JF. Initial Antihyperglycemic Drug Therapy Among 241 327 Adults With Newly Identified Diabetes From 2005 Through 2010: A Surveillance, Prevention, and Management of Diabetes Mellitus (SUPREME-DM) Study. Annals of Pharmacotherapy 2013;47(10):1280–1291. doi: 10.1177/1060028013503624

    Lawrence, JM, Black MH, Zhang JL, Slezak JM, Takhar HS, Koebnick C, Mayer-Davis EJ, Zhong VW, Dabelea D, Hamman RF, Reynolds K. Validation of Pediatric Diabetes Case Identification Approaches for Diagnosed Cases by Using Information in the Electronic Health Records of a Large Integrated Managed Health Care Organization. American Journal of Epidemiology 2013; 179(1): 27-38. PMID: 24100956.

    Raebel MA, Schmittdiel J, Karter AJ, Konieczny JL, Steiner JF. Standardizing Terminology and Definitions of Medication Adherence and Persistence in Research Employing Electronic Databases. Medical Care 2013; 51 (8 Suppl 3): S11-S21. PMID: 23774515.

    Steiner, JF. Self-reported Adherence Measures: What Do They Assess and How Should We Use Them? Medical Care 2012; 50 (12): 1011-1012. PMID: 23138156.

    Steiner, JF. Rethinking Adherence. Annals of Internal Medicine 2012; 157(8): 580-585. PMID: 23070491.

    Nichols GA, Desai J, Elston Lafata J, Lawrence JM, O’Connor PJ, Pathak RD, Raebel MA, Reid RJ, Selby JV, Silverman BG, Steiner JF, Stewart WF, Vupputuri S, Waitzfelder B. Construction of a Multisite DataLink Using Electronic Health Records for the Identification, Surveillance, Prevention, and Management of Diabetes Mellitus: The SUPREME-DM Project. Preventing Chronic Disease 2012; 9:110311. DOI:

    Desai JR, Wu P, Nichols GA, Lieu TA, O'Connor PJ. Diabetes and asthma case identification, validation, and representativeness when using electronic health data to construct registries for comparative effectiveness and epidemiologic research. Medical Care 2012 Jul; 50 Suppl:S30-5. PMID: 22692256

    Research Network Sustainability

    Steiner JF, Paolino AR, Thompson EE, Larson EB. Sustaining Research Networks: the Twenty-Year Experience of the HMO Research Network. eGEMs (Generating Evidence & Methods to improve patient outcomes) 2014; Volume 2: Issue 2, Article 1. Available at:

    Paolino AR, Lauf SL, Pieper LE, Rowe J, Vargas IM, Goff MA, Daley MF, Tuzzio L, Steiner JF. Accelerating Regulatory Progress in Multi-Institutional Research. eGEMs (Generating Evidence & Methods to improve patient outcomes) 2014; Volume 2: Issue 1, Article 10. Available at:


    Lawrence, JM, Donahoo WT, Raebel MA, Desai J, Ferrara A, Bennett WT, Zhang JL, Newton KM for the SUPREME-DM Study Group. Perception of Risk for Developing Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) among Women with Recent Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM). Diabetes 2013; 62 (Suppl 2): A359.

    Lawrence JM, Desai JR, O'Connor PJ, Schroeder EB, Vupputuri S, Reid RJ, Steiner JF, Nichols, GA for the SUPREME-DM Study Group.  Use of Electronic Health Records to Estimate 5-Year Incidence of Diabetes among Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Members < 20 Years of Age: The SUPREME-DM Project. Pediatric Diabetes 2012; 13: (Suppl. 17): 43-44.

    Lawrence JM, O’Connor PJ, Desai JR, Reid RJ, Schroeder E, Vupputuri S, Yan XS, Steiner J, Nichols GA for the SUPREME-DM Study Group.  Diabetes Prevalence among 2.4 Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Members < 20 years of Age, 2005-2009: The SUPREME-DM Project. Diabetologia 2012; 55 (Suppl. 1):S152.

    Nichols GA, Desai J, Lawrence JM, Reid R, Schroeder EB, Steiner JF, Vupputuri S, Yan X, for the SUPREME-DM Study Group. 5-Year incidence of diabetes among 6.7 million adult HMO members: The SUPRME-DM project. Diabetes 2012; 61(Suppl 1):A 356.

    Nichols GA, Desai J, Lawrence JM, Reid R, Schroeder EB, Steiner JF, Vupputuri S, Yan X, for the SUPREME-DM Study Group. Diabetes prevalence among 7 million adult HMO members, 2005-2009: The SUPREME-DM project. Diabetes 2012; 61(Suppl 1):A379.

    Other Articles about SUPREME-DM

    Bingham, M. In This Issue of Diabetes Care. Diabetes Care 2016; March, 39(3): 321-322.